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i don't know what i'm doing


playfair wasn’t horrible

first real day of orientation and sometimes feeling physically sick from people and food and also wanna yell out frustration

like 13-14 hours or something

one more day then byebye room

i feel lonely

"Let’s go to the end."

i just wanted you to be happy is that too much to fukcibg ask

fuck this show fuck fuck fuckf cuk

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Don’t go it’s Mighty Long Fall
When you thought life was tough…









Graphic: There Are Now 50 Colleges That Charge More Than $60,000 Per Year

i’m having trouble even imagining what these numbers mean tbh

A reminder that UPenn’s two year Executive MBA is $181,500.

I know the UK’s dabbled with deregulating student fees, and Australia under Abbott’s dumb ass wants to. Well, here’s why y’all should fight that shit tooth and fucking nail.

Yep. I went to #26. Also, worth it.


It wasn’t that expensive when I was there, but it was still a pretty penny.

All the alma maters in my household are represented on this list. Oof.

(Including the school where I have a half-completed certificate in graphic design.)

Dear God.  I went to GWU (on the list) which was 20K per year, including my housing when I went in the early 90s.  I had a good scholarship, and was able to get out without debt, but that is completely fucked up.  Not worth it.  I don’t know if any education is worth it, but seriously you have got to be fucking kidding me.

LOL at it saying NYU is $63k - def paying more than that at Tisch

22 here i come


Hannibal is less painful to watch if you just pretend every conversation is about dogs

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