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"Let’s go to the end."

i just wanted you to be happy is that too much to fukcibg ask

fuck this show fuck fuck fuckf cuk

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Don’t go it’s Mighty Long Fall
When you thought life was tough…









Graphic: There Are Now 50 Colleges That Charge More Than $60,000 Per Year

i’m having trouble even imagining what these numbers mean tbh

A reminder that UPenn’s two year Executive MBA is $181,500.

I know the UK’s dabbled with deregulating student fees, and Australia under Abbott’s dumb ass wants to. Well, here’s why y’all should fight that shit tooth and fucking nail.

Yep. I went to #26. Also, worth it.


It wasn’t that expensive when I was there, but it was still a pretty penny.

All the alma maters in my household are represented on this list. Oof.

(Including the school where I have a half-completed certificate in graphic design.)

Dear God.  I went to GWU (on the list) which was 20K per year, including my housing when I went in the early 90s.  I had a good scholarship, and was able to get out without debt, but that is completely fucked up.  Not worth it.  I don’t know if any education is worth it, but seriously you have got to be fucking kidding me.

LOL at it saying NYU is $63k - def paying more than that at Tisch

22 here i come

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Hannibal is less painful to watch if you just pretend every conversation is about dogs

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idk why everyone is panicking over this “4chan raid”

*~~((I’m a shitty person))~~*

i also hate it when people tell me what they think i am as if i only existed as that idea in their head and they’re completely wrong about me because they’re too egotistical to look beyond their worldview and realize the way they see things is not the same as the way other people see things.

with all the time being home and holed up in my room for most of the day doing nothing of value, i’ve been doing a bit of imagining lately. most of it involves me spilling out my shitty life story and being self-pitying while a kind stranger listens and then i’m highlighted as a special person or something. but that’s probably never going to happen.
honestly, in real life situations, face to face meetings or whatever, i can’t. even online, chatting or whatever, i usually don’t talk about my depression and even when i write about it here, because people follow me, i sometimes can’t help but think I’m being a whiny self-pitying selfish loser who wants attention. i hate pity. i’ve tried to stop myself from pitying people because i hate it when they pity me. i hate the way it makes me hate myself and feel like shit.
when i was younger i thought depression was okay, that i was better with it than without it. but fuck you hipster and indie shits, depression isn’t nice or cool or pretty or edgy. i mean, i appreciate the worldview it’s given me but i could really do with some motivation and self-confidence, thank you very much. even though for a long time i’d thought I reached a low in 7th grade, i didn’t. it’s gotten worse. i used to not be able to understand why people cut themselves. i don’t cut, but now i do understand. sometimes it hurts too much inside and you just feel dead and it has to manifest physically or else you’ll break. every little fucking thing feels like the end of the world. forgetting to copy flute music and none of the copiers at home work and none of the scanners either so it’s impossible to get a copy on time and you just want to sit there and die. i tried but i didn’t (not talking about suicide here don’t pity me).
and i want help. but it ends up on your insurance records because that’s how the world works and i don’t want to be fucking that up while i’m so young so i just have to keep trying.
for the last few months of school, relationships between me and my friends felt kind of disjointed. like we weren’t seeing eye to eye on so many things and things that were a big deal for them just didn’t matter to me and i felt so, so old.
i don’t know. it’s late/early and i’ve already fucked up my sleeping schedule and there are no clear categories, only gradients in every direction.


free him

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