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andrew bird

one ok rock

sigur ros

nick cave & warren ellis

andrew jackson jihad


crying nut

crying nut


Sergei Rachmaninoff flying a kite.

i beat doge 2048 like 3-4 times today but i haven’t beat the original yet wat

just kinda stressed

here it goes again, starting

the lethargy and lost motivation

pissy moods

how to stop


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that girl on the left is really committing 

it’s actually because she’s the “freshest” of the three. The other two also cost 4k at some point, but their prices have been reduced as time went on, because they weren’t as “fresh.” you can see the 4k crossed out on the 2k stickers.

so basically, i don’t know. i’m kinda torn??? about my future??? that hasn’t happened yet and i have time and things can change, but for right now, this is what i see.

i can work and work and work and look for some sort of success and maybe be happy that way. live somewhere okay, in an apartment doesn’t take up lots of money. things like that.

or idk i can somehow isolate myself a bit and get a house or some shit and be magically rich and not be surrounded by lots of other houses. and get dogs. and probably be satisfied doing what i want when.

but idk, extremes they are i guess. well, i have time.


Dmitri Shostakovich holding a pig.


Dmitri Shostakovich holding a pig.


Kiss kiss fall in love

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